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Let me introduce myself...I am a Full-time foodie and a part time funny guy, well at least I think I'm Funny, some might think I'm cheeky!


My cheeky journey has been a long one and my passion For Food has led me to create Cheeky Chicken. I am not a professional chef nor am I a cook but my love of Food drives me to create authentic flavours that will leave you with a serious addiction!.


We as kiwis love our food, we as Fijians also love our food. What better way to combine the Fascinating Flavours of Fiji, coupled with Kiwiana culture! Everywhere from traditional Fiji-style curries, Fiji-style Chinese, Traditional Fiji Foods like Lovo to our Kiwiana burgers, Pizzas and of course our Secret Recipe Fried Chicken.


We take pride in the quality oF our food and want our customers to be served the way we want to be served and that is why we use only the freshest quality produce to create our mouth-watering meals.


And that's not all, we also pride ourselves on being 100% Halal! Do visit us to experience the unique flavours of Cheeky Chicken served From my kitchen to your table.


Faud Ali


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